Fine Art by Anita

Born to an artistic father who decided that art was not going to feed his family, but architect and electrical circuit drawings might, I guess I was guilty of falling into the same trap. My father drew for joy, mostly in his later years. I did the same, after bring up my wonderful children I took more and more time to myself, for my art. I eventually decided that I should take the advice my father gave to me and I in turn gave to my children "follow your dream"....

So here I am creating and growing my dream every day!

Please explore my passion by viewing my art within this gallery. Just click on the images on the right for a full view... Thank you!

More examples of my work are available to view and purchase through our on-line store. I additionally have a working studio and gallery space at Pink Dog Creative


Welcome to the website of Anita Shwarts - Fine Artist and Designer.

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